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Picture Namer 1.5.2 by HornWare

Picture Namer is used to name a folder full of pictures. It is ideal for naming a folder of pictures freshly downloaded from a digital camera.

Picture Namer gives you the option to preserve the picture order, add a group name to every picture and automatically number pictures with the same name.

New Desktop Picture 1.0 by Guy Hail

The New Desktop Picture AppleScript retrieves an HTML page from MacDesktops, scans it for the newest picture, downloads that picture and then sets the current desktop picture to the downloaded picture.

Completly freeware.

URL Access Scripting.… 

Picture in Clip (static) 2.0.2 by cf/x

Picture in Clip (static) is an iMovie plug-in allows you to place a picture (of almost any format: jpg, gif, pict, ...) into your clip - at any size you like.

Of course, you can set the pictures transparency - you may even use the picture as a semi-transparent backdrop!

You can distort the p… 

Astronomy Picture of the Day 2.0 by haym37

Wake up each morning to a beautiful picture of space provided by NASA. Click on the link below the picture to view a higher resolution photo and an explanation of the picture, written by a professional astronomer.

This widget is neither a blatant copy nor an expression of flattery through imitati… 

Pic-a-POD 1.1.2 by TrozWare

Pic-a-POD downloads a picture of the day from up to three different collections and sets your desktop picture.

It can then randomly change the picture at set intervals. Downloading new pictures can be scheduled to happen every day, or only when you want. You can browse through the downloads, del… 

ReplaceInPlace 1.0.1 by Badia Software

Badia ReplaceInPlace lets you retain previous picture attributes when importing an image into a picture box.

Previous offset and scaling, for example, can be retained when replacing a low-res with a hi-res version of a picture.

To use Badia ReplaceInPlace, choose "Get Picture" from the File… 

iMovie Picture in Picture Plug-in 2.3 by ImageIP Ltd

Picture in Picture plugin pack allows you to choose any movie or image file and use it as either the background or an overlayed image for your movie clip.

It supports any Quicktime readable movie format including MPEG and gives full control over the scaling and placement of the foreground image o… 

Picture String Extensions 1.0 by Freak Software

The Picture String Extensions module extends the Picture and String classes with methods to add converting a picture to or from a string.

Completly freeware for non-commercial use.… 

Fit Image in Box 1.0 by James Marks

The Fit Image in Box scripts purpose is to resize an image to fit within a picture box, then resize the picture box to fit the image.

It is better than the command+option+shift+F shortcut in Quark XPress because, unlike the shortcut, the script leaves no blank space in the picture box.


Multiple Picture Viewer 2.0 by Monkey Bread Software

An utility for just showing the different pictures from one picture file.

This application was requested by one of the users in the newsgroups I read. It's not doing much, but it shows Realbasic developers how to use the QuickTime Graphics Importer to display the different pictures in a TIFF file… 

Picture Switcher 1.1.2 by Night Productions

Picture Switcher is a background application that will place a menu on the right side of your menu bar.

This menu will allow you to switch the Desktop picture, and change the various options of how it's displayed.

It has most of the options of the Desktop preference Pane, and does not need th… 

Desktop Swap Pro 1.1 by KKT Software

Desktop Swap Pro allows you to change the desktop picture on up to two monitors at a preset interval.
Desktop Swap Pro utilizes the Appearance Control Panel to change the desktop picture.

Here are some key features of "Desktop Swap Pro":
Complete support for two monitors.
Scans through sub-… 

LinkRenamer 1.0 by Badia Software

LinkRenamer allows you to rename and automatically relink all picture links in just a few seconds. Once you create your custom naming scheme, LinkRenamer renames all picture files in the Finder and then updates the appropriate QuarkXPress links.

Here are some key features of "LinkRenamer":

Upload picture 1.0 by Michelle Steiner

The Upload picture script uses Fetch to upload a jpeg file to a web server periodically. Designed to work with a serial camera that would periodically save photos to a specific location.

The first time it is run, it prompts you for the name of the file and the URL to upload the picture to.


Convert Empty Picture Boxes 1.0 by Zach Weigand

Convert Empty Picture Boxes is a Quark AppleScript that will convert all empty picture boxes into graphic boxes (content = none). Fill Colors/Gradients are not affected.

This is useful to tidy up your documents.


Pict Attributes 1.0 by Markzware

The Pict Attributes XT remembers the attributes of a picture box when you perform a Get Picture and restores the pictures scale, offset, rotation, skew, runaround and flip. For bitmap TIFF images, the color, shade and negative are also retained.

Pict Attributes can be utilized to substitut… 

Daydreamer X 2.0.1 by Quandir Software

Daydreamer will display a picture pointed to by a URL and update it as often as you like. Daydreamer will handle several pictures at once.
You can have Daydreamer make time lapse movies of the URL picture, adding a new frame to a movie each time the picture is refreshed.

Daydreamer is Applescrip… 

Picture-in-Picture X 1.0.7b1 by FEELORIUM

Always-on-top window -Watch your favorite movies and web cam images while you workEasy-to-use -Use Finder to organize playlists, then drag and drop them onto Picture-in-Picture XQTV channels -Handy to watch QTV streaming moviesPreserving screen real estate.

Here are some key features of "Picturei… 

PandoFrame 3.1.3 by Panda Systems

PandoFrame allows you to place picture frames on your desktop. It's like Stickies for pictures. The picture frames set above any desktop pattern or picture you have, and can be arranged anywhere on the desktop.

Frames can be any of nine shapes and come in a variety of colors and patterns. You can… 

Picture It 1.0 by Slater Software

Picture It is the easiest and fastest software one can use to add pictures to text. Create a picture-rich environment!.

Students struggling to understand print can have successful literacy experiences every day using picture-supported materials.

Any curriculum can be adapted using Picture It,… 



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Picture Address Book 6.0.5
Apimac Address Book is a practical telephone and address program for Mac that allows you to quickly and easily manage addresses, phone numbers, URLs and Email addresses.

Textris 1.0
Textris is an attempt to combine aspects of both these games into one fast paced test of your lexicon.

iMagine Photo 2.1.4
iMagine Photo adds imaging and drawing functionality to AppleScript.

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