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GPRS Script Generator 1.9.7 by Macron Software

GPRS Script Generator is a software utility to help on generating Macintosh Modem Scripts for GPRS connections.

What's New:
Added more network operators presets.
Updated some carrier presets to new settings.
Updated the User Guide.… 

Mobile High Speed 2G 4.25 by Nova media

Mobile High Speed for Mac OS lets you set up a GPRS or HSCSD High Speed Internet connection with you mobile phone or modem in seconds.

No long searches for modem scripts, APN numbers, DNS and GPRS settings any more -everything is set for you by our software.

Mobile High Speed supports more tha… 

Sony Ericsson PC Card Modem Script 1.3.1 by Alexander Traud

Sony Ericsson PC Card Modem Script enables GSM CSD/HSCSD/GPRS/EDGE connections up to 247.4 kbps

Here are some key features of "Sony Ericsson PC Card Modem Script":
Modem Scripts for the Sony Ericsson PC Card GC75, GC75e, GC82, GC83 and GC85
Step by step guide for CSD, HSCSD, GPRS and EDGE con… 

Mobile High Speed 3G 4.27a by nova media MDS GmbH

Mobile High Speed for Mac OS lets you set up a 3G/ UMTS, EDGE or GPRS High Speed Internet connection with your mobile phone or modem in seconds.

No long searches for modem scripts, APN numbers, DNS and 3G/ UMTS, EDGE, GPRS settings any more - everything is set for you by our software.


launch2net 1.5.4 by Nova Med

Finally you can forget about searching for the right Mac OS X drivers for your mobile phone or PC data card. No more explaining what a Macintosh is to overstressed support hotlines and no more long internet sessions looking for the right clues.

launch2net is your software of choice to connect you… 

iDof 3.2 by Jeremy Hardin

iDof is a depth of field plugin for Lightwave 3D. It is intended to provide intuitive but powerful tools to achieve the effect you want, whatever that is.

The new iDof workflow is intended for Lightwave and a Compositing or Photo-editing Application. This is not necessary though, since an iDof Po… 

Render Farm Commander 2.2.6 by Bruce Rayne

Render Farm Commander is a network render controller for users of Newtek's popular 3D software, LightWave.

If you are a Macintosh LightWave user, and you have a few spare Macs lying around, why not put them to some good use and build your own render farm?

RenderFarm Commander will help you set… 

Ricochet Modem Scripts 1.0 by Thomas Tempelmann

Ricochet Modem Scripts is a set of two Modem Scripts for Ricochet modems (both for the original 28kbps and the new 128kbps modems). Modem Scripts are used with "Apple Remote Access" (ARA 2.0, 2.1), "Open Transport/PPP" (OT/PPP) and Remote Access 3.x.

The advantages of these scripts over the Rico… 

ZyXEL Modem Scripts 1.2 by Thomas Tempelmann

ZyXEL Modem Scripts is a collection of Modem Scripts for ZyXEL modems (including ISDN). Modem Scripts are used with "Apple Remote Access" (ARA 2.0, 2.1), "Open Transport/PPP" (OT/PPP) and Remote Access 3.x.

Completly freeware for personal use.… 

NewTek LightWave 3D X Update 9.0 by NewTek

LightWave 3D is the common denominator between an architect in Egypt who brings his building designs to vivid life, complete with furnishings, landscaping and people, a game artist in Croatia who produced the multi-award winning Serious Sam, and an animator in Dallas whose two-minute short gave birt… 

Simple Pager 1.2 by james Sentman

Simple Pager sends numeric pages to your dial up pager via your modem. Pages can be sent manually, by double clicking a saved pager document or via applescript. The applescript support lends itself very well to automated paging.

If other programs are using your modem Simple Pager can run a script… 

Modem Light 1.1 by HernanSoft

Modem Light lets you have a global floating window with real time information about the PPP connection status, you also have a graphical representation of the lights of a real modem.

You have information about the sent/read bytes, connection time, remaining time, speed, server, user name.Great fo… 

PCS Intel EV-DO Modem Script 1.0 by PCS Intel

This is a basic improvement of the Sprint PCS Vision connection script, with optimizations for EV-DO devices. It is meant for USB and Bluetooth 2.0 high-speed connections.

This modem script is for all EV-DO phones on all EV-DO carriers (Verizon Wireless, Sprint PCS, Alltel, etc). While we can't t… 

GM-10/45 USB drivers 1.0.0b4 by Black Cat Systems

Mac OS X USB drivers for the GM-10 and GM-45 Geiger counters/nuclear radiation detectors.

What's New:
Packaged for distribution and installation.

GM-10 or GM-45 devices.… 

FAXHangup 0.6 by OPUS Software

FAXHangup gives you a solution to hangup your modem after sending or receiving a fax through FAXstf.

Sometimes the modem has problems with FAXstf's default Modem Center tools and can't seem to hang itself up.… 

SerialPort X 1.1 by Altered Horizons Computing

SerialPort X is a Scripting Addition that allows access to an internal modem or standard serial ports from AppleScript. Includes AppleScript examples and an Address Book plug-in to dial phone numbers via the internal modem.

Commands: list, open, close, bytes available, read, write.


Razer Pro HID 1.6.5 by Razer Pro Solutions

Razer Pro HID Drivers contain drivers for the Razer multi-button mouse. This mouse is specialized for ultra-fine pixel accuracy.

The Razer Pro would reveal an added speed, control, with 1 to 150% less movement and greater accuracy, plus software features that you can actually utilize.

What's N… 

Satstat 1.1 by Vortimac Software

Satstat is a freeware "menu extra" for people using the Direcway service on the Mac, specifically those with the DW6 modem. It shows the signal strength of the connection in the menu bar, as well as more detailed information when the menu is clicked.

What's New:
Satstat is now open source, unde… 

Hold On 0.6 by Wooden Brain Concepts

HoldOn lets you use your build-in modem as a speaker phone to listen to the line while on Hold. All it does it pick up the line and hang up the line with a simple toggle button.

Note for those who are having some trouble getting it to work: if you are getting "event" type errors, chances are f… 

SynchPPP 1.1.1 by Sander Tekelenburg

SynchPPP will automatically open a specified program, like your browser, when a PPP (modem based) internet connection is opened

The power of it is that it doesn't care about how you opened or closed that connection (using the 'Remote Access Status' application, the 'Remote Access ControlStrip' mo… 



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