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geddum 0.2.1 by Jeffrey Wescott is the premier site for downloading DRM-free music. Although the legality of the site is still in question, it seems to be the only place I that I can go and pay for the music that I want without having the songs encumbered with DRM.

Since I don't use Microsoft Windows at all, I am n… 

DrDJ Free 3.0b2 by e dot studios

DrDJ Free is a little applications for DJ Wannabe's. It can play any audio file QuickTime can play and allows you to fade between songs. You're in controll of the transition, but DrDJ Free can do everything automatically too.

The on-the-fly playlist can contain an infinite (okay, so it's limited… 

iPod2Copy 2.2.2 by XtremSoft

With iPod2Copy, recover and save all your songs in your iTunes library, it saves all the playlists in one click and is made to run with iTunes.

Here are some key features of "iPod2Copy":
Backup iPod playlists,
Keep song and playlists order,
Many exportation format in subfolders,

LyriPod 1.0 by Zach Segal

LyriPod allows you to download lyrics to the songs you have on your iPod.… 

iLeech 0.37b by Steve White

iLeech is a client for the iTunes song-sharing protocol and allows you to download songs instead of just streaming them.… 

PlayLyrix 0.90 by The Sound Guy, Inc.

PlayLyrix searches your iTunes collection and automatically creates a new playlist of all the songs whose lyrics contain specified words or phrases.

PlayLyrix can be used to create playlists of songs with lyrics that reinforce a variety of moods or themes. For example, if today is your birthday,… 

TuneSwitcher 1.0.1 by Midgard Software

TuneSwitcher is a very simple program that extends the functionality of iTunes by adding global keyboard shortcuts for playing, pausing, and going backward or forward between songs.

We are aware that there are quite a number of programs that already provide this functionality. However, we wanted… 

iVolume 2.0.2 by Manfred Lippert

iVolume allows you to level the volume of iTunes songs so they are all equal. It supposively works by using an algorithm based on the percieved volume of human ears, resulting in better volume control and the built-in iTunes "Sound Check" feature.

What's New:
Fixed compatibility issue with new… 

iTunes Top 10 Songs 1.2 by

iTunes Top 10 Songs widget displays the iTunes top 10 songs of:

- Canada
- France
- Germany
- Italy
- Netherlands
- Spain
- Sweden
- Switzerland
- UK
- USA and other countries.

What's New:
20 countries are displayed now and there are links to the iTMS.… 

iPodTrans 0.5 by FatStreetSoftware

With iPodTrans you can copy songs from your iPod to your mac. Simple and efficient, music copying is only a few clicks away.

Here are some key features of "iPodTrans":
copy multiple songs at once
integrated mp3 player.… 

Counterpoint 1.1 by Andy Van Ness

Counterpoint is a listening game that plays many songs from your iTunes library at once. As you guess correctly what songs are playing, they stop one by one. If you can guess them all, then you win. Your score is determined based on 4 factors: elapsed time, level, number of songs chosen from, and nu… 

Froggy's Songs 1.2.5 by DanLab Games

Froggy's Songs is a kids memory game where you match repeated patterns. When selecting a frog, each one plays a unique sound to help you match the patterns.

Match the sequence of Froggy's song in this memory game.

Cool graphics
3 levels
Made for kids


iPod Viewer X 3.0 by InitGraf Software

iPodViewer allows you to copy the MP3 song files from your iPod back to your hard drive.

Here are some key features of "iPod Viewer X":
iTunes allows you to copy MP3s from your computer to your iPod, and do everything but copy those MP3s back to your computer.
But now with iPod Viewer, you ca… 

Kandalu X 5.05c.00 by Kandalu Software Co

Kandalu X is a simple utility that makes transferring songs from an iPod to your computer quick and easy. It reads information from the iTunesDB file located on your iPod in order to quickly retrieve information on all of the songs on your iPod.

Kandalu X is currently under active development an… 

iTunes Search 1.0 by iTunes Mini Widget

Search iTunes for thousands of songs, artists, albums, and more!

These widgets are a must for any music enthusiast. Once you submit your search your will be magically transported to the iTunes Music Store where you can listen to samples, find related music, browse liner notes and artwork, and do… 

Simplesong 1.8 by Useful Software

SimpleSong is an application which allows you to easily write songs for your Macintosh to sing. Songs written with SimpleSong can also be sung using any text-to-speech compatible application, such as SimpleText. This means that almost any Mac user can listen to the songs you've written.

Here are… 

Single of the Week 1.3 by Largemouth Software, LLC

Always forgetting to download the latest free “Single of the Week” from the iTunes Music Store?

This is a free Dashboard widget to get you to the iTunes Music Store’s free weekly song. Just click the image on the widget and download the free song posted on iTunes every week!

What's New:

expod 0.2 by SJS

expod is a small utility for getting songs off your iPod.

iTunes does a fantastic job of copying music onto an iPod, but lacks the ability to go the other way. With expod you can copy any or all your songs off your iPod, using whatever file naming convention you like.

What's New:
Replace fo… 

iPod Access 3.9.4 by Findley Designs, Inc.

iPod Access allows you to transfer MP3 files from your iPod to your computer. When copying, you can keep the MP3s organized by artist/album.

Full iPod backups can be achieved quickly and easily by deselecting the "Copy Over Originals" option when copying all songs.

Here are some key features o… 

iTunes Dupes Barrier 1.1.6 by Hyperbolic Software

iTunes Dupes Barrier allows you to search the duplicate songs inside the iTunes and iPod songs' databases.

Registration screen at startup.

What's New:
Fixed all the incompatibles with iTunes 7.

iTunes v4.0 or later.… 



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Picture Address Book 6.0.5
Apimac Address Book is a practical telephone and address program for Mac that allows you to quickly and easily manage addresses, phone numbers, URLs and Email addresses.

Textris 1.0
Textris is an attempt to combine aspects of both these games into one fast paced test of your lexicon.

iMagine Photo 2.1.4
iMagine Photo adds imaging and drawing functionality to AppleScript.