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Audio Calculator 1.0 by Lensco Widgets

If you're into composing music on your computer, you'll probably appreciate what this lil' fella does. If you type in the tempo (BPM - Beats Per Minute), it calculates the duration (in milliseconds) of a certain number of notes or beats. Perfect for manually setting delay/echo times or the frequency… 

Calculator (Basic) by Barcode For Mac

Calculator (Basic) is a basic calculator. It is able to compute arithmetic, square roots, percentiles and memory.

Completly freeware for non-commercial use.… 

AvoCalc Calculator 1.0.1 by AVODATA Ltd.

AvoCalc Calculator is a powerful 3rd generation calculator.

30 days fully functional trial period.

What's New:
The AvoCalc Calculator, Version 1.0.1, allows you to import formulas (records) form other AvoCalc Calculators. (read the "Read Me" file for more information)

Codec Calculator 3.0 by Ivan Ortega

Codec Calculator is a small application which enables the user to calculate data rates for multimedia files.

Here are some key features of "Codec Calculator":
Tells you how much video can fit on a CD
Converts from Bits to Bytes
Predicts Video data rates for any QuickTime 6 Video Codec

Studio Calculator 1.0 by Colin Owen

Studio Calculator is a simple calculator that does percentages.
Plus tempo and time calculations

StudioCalc is shareware. You may use it for 30 days after which you must register, the fee is ?10.00.

30 days trial.… 

Extended Calculator 2.03 by Niklas Frykholm

Extended Calculator is an advanced calculator for the Macintosh. It supports all well-known mathematical functions. It has graph-drawing capacities and also its own programming language, with which it is possible to write simple programs.

Several bugs in the previous (beta) version of the program… 

Graphing Calculator Viewer 3.5 by Pacific Tech

Graphing Calculator Viewer allows you to view and interact with Graphing Calculator documents. It includes examples and demonstrations of the software.

With Graphing Calculator Viewer you can graph functions in two, three, and four dimensions, explicit, implicit, or parametric.

Here are some k… 

Hollywood Calculator Widget 1.1 by Happy Pixel Studios

Hollywood Calculator Widget is a very usefull tool for anyone who wants to calculate the lenght of two movies.

Timecode Calculator - A simple calculator for editors that accepts entries similar to professional programs.… 

Stock Calculator 2.1 by System Support Products, Inc.

Stock Calculator is a stock trade profit/loss and share price calculator application.

Stock Calculator is also ideal for performing 'what if' analyses, such as determining what share price a stock needs to attain in order to return a specified profit.… 

Díni Calculator 1.0 by mjharper

Díni Calculator should appeal to all fans of the Myst, Riven, and Uru games.

You can enter numbers using either Arabic or Díni numerals, and it includes all basic mathematical operations.

For Díni fans in particular, it also features conversion between degrees and torans (15625 torans is a r… 

Anubis Calculator 1.2.7 by Anubis Inc.

Ever look at the calculator Apple gave the Mac and†went looking for a hand held one ?†††††††††††††

Just want a simple calculator but the display could be larger or be a different color....

If you want to be able to define your own functions and expressions then Anubis Calculator is what you n… 

Econ Calculator 1.5.2 by Econ Software

Econ Calculator is a simple to usecalculator having three calculation modes, normal calculator, calculatorwith tape (simulated paper roll) or calculator with tape running in Addingmachine mode.

It allows the user to round from an integer "0"decimal places through to 6 and offers a "Fixed" decimal… 

BMI Calculator 1.0 by mmisoftware

BMI Calculator can calculate your BMI (body mass index). Your BMI can act as a general indicator of your general fitness and potential health. The program will take input in metric or imperial.… 

NoLimits Coaster Calculator 1.5 by InterFix Communications, Ltd.

NoLimits Coaster Calculator lets you calculate some useful numbers that aid in designing well built rides. The coaster calculator will help you make make pump free turns, banked turns with no lateral forces, stations with the correct number of queue gates, and a LIM the correct length for the given… 

Zasio 1.0 by Thomas Cherry

Zasio is my second attempt at writing a graphics calculator for a hand held device that I own. My first was Newtsio which was writen for the Newton. The first program I wrote while I was in college. At the time I was lugging around a Casio calculator, a Frankland spell checker, paper based calendar,… 

hp15c Advanced Scientific Calculator 2.0 by RLM Software

hp15c Advanced Scientific Calculator has all the functions of the classic voyager series HP-15C Advanced Scientific Calculator, plus many features that enhance the experience of using it.

Here are some key features of "hp15c Advanced Scientific Calculator":
Manage directly Complex numbers in p… 

Construction Calculator 1.1 by Bright Light Software

Construction Calculator for feet/inch calculations.

Architects and contractors will find it very usefull for transforming units from the metric system to the english one and viceversa.

What's New:
added: improved display
added: output can be displayed as square and cubic feet (and meters).… 

FRS Talking Calculator 1.6 by Fast Rabbit Software

FRS Talking Calculator is an easy to use calculator for use in elementary classrooms with several features that make it ideal for use in situations where assistive software technologies are desirable.

Here are some key features of "FRS Talking Calculator":
Big buttons are easy targets for stud… 

Hollywood Calculator 1.0.1 by Happy Pixel Studios

Hollywood Calculator is a very usefull tool for film makers with some very interesting features:

Timecode Calculator
A simple calculator for editors that accepts entries similar to professional programs.

Film Calculator
Typing in information into any of the fields and hitting return will cau… 

iCount 1.2.1 by script software

iCount is a desktop calculator.
Its lightyears beyond that handy but old Mac desk accessory calculator.

iCount can perform regular, scientific or statistical functions. It is a multi-function desktop calculator that is also an expression parser.

Unlike other desktop calculators, iCount doe… 



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