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Norton AntiVirus X Updater 10.1 by Symantec Corporation

Symantec's Norton AntiVirus is an antivirus solution that automatically removes viruses from email attachments, Internet downloads, and other sources, without interrupting your work.

Now it also finds and removes PC viruses to ensure that you don't spread infections to friends and colleagues. Sym… 

Agax 1.3.2 by John Dalgliesh

Agax is an antivirus application. It scans your disks and files for viruses. It also contains Defender, which is an antivirus extension. Both of these use Additives to discover and (in the case of Agax) repair infected files. Additives are stored in the folder 'Additives' in the same folder as Agax.… 

Norton AntiVirus X 7.0.2 Definitions 10/2006 by Symantec Corporation

The attached installer will automatically update Norton AntiVirus for Mac virus definitions and engine files to detect and repair the most recently discovered Macintosh viruses. This file is a self-extracting archive which contains the Norton AntiVirus Virus Definitions Installer.

Once downloaded… 

Norton AntiVirus X 9.x-10.x Defs 11/09/06 by Symantec Corporation

Norton Anti-Virus 9 Defs are the latest anti-virus detection files.

The installer will automatically update Norton AntiVirus for Mac virus definitions and engine files to detect and repair the most recently discovered Macintosh viruses. This file is a self-extracting archive which contains the N… 

Intego VirusBarrier X Virus Defs Feb 2006 by Intego

VirusBarrier uses the most recent advances in antivirus technology.

It identifies and eradicates viruses, and prevents your Macintosh from being infected by viruses.

This package provides the latest antivirus definitions for VirusBarrier X and VirusBarrier X4

VirusBarrier X… 

Sony Ericsson Icons 3.0 by Alphan Gunaydin

Fifteen Mac OS X Sony Ericsson Cell Phone icons version 2.0 by Alphan Gunaydin. Included models are J300i, K700i, K750i, P900, S710a, T290i, T310, T68i, T306, T616, T637, W550i, W800i, Z600 and Z800i. For more information please visit the official site of Sony Ericsson at… 

Sony Ericsson Address Book Enabler 1.0 by Feisar

Adds SMS & Call support for over 30 new Sony Ericsson mobile phones to the Mac OS X Address Book application.

The Mac OS X Address Book application allows you to send and receive SMS messages and make and receive calls via a Bluetooth connection to your Sony Ericsson phone. Unfortunately, Add… 

The Missing Sync for Sony PSP 1.0.2 by Mark/Space, Inc.

The Sony Playstation Portable may very well be the coolest mobile device in existence. It lets you play great games, watch full-screen video, and sports one of the best mobile web browsers out there.

That's great, but it is capable of so much more!
The Missing Sync for Sony PSP turns your PSP… 

Sony Ericsson iSync Plugin 1.2 by Feisar

These are iSync Phone Plugins to enable syncing for various new Sony Ericsson phones that are currently not supported in iSync 2.3. You need to be running Mac OS X 10.4.7.

All these plugins have been confirmed working by various users but please leave any comments or observation in this forum thr… 

Sony Ericsson PC Card Modem Script 1.3.1 by Alexander Traud

Sony Ericsson PC Card Modem Script enables GSM CSD/HSCSD/GPRS/EDGE connections up to 247.4 kbps

Here are some key features of "Sony Ericsson PC Card Modem Script":
Modem Scripts for the Sony Ericsson PC Card GC75, GC75e, GC82, GC83 and GC85
Step by step guide for CSD, HSCSD, GPRS and EDGE con… 

FrontRow BTR 1.0 by SD

FrontRow BTR is a Sony Ericsson bluetooth remote control for Apple FrontRow.

Some of Sony Ericsson's new and upcoming phone models have a simple built-in feature that lets you remotely control your computer using Bluetooth.
You can download and create your own remote using the tool given by Son… 

Sony Ericsson Themes Creator 3.06 by SonyEricsson

A number of Apple Mac developers have requested that Sony Ericsson provide some of its popular content development tools for use with Mac OS. Their wishes have finally come true! Sony Ericsson has published Themes Creator for Mac OS X.

What's New:
New graphical user interface design.
Minor bu… 

Sony ImageStation iPhoto export plugin by Sony Electronics, Inc

This free plug-in makes it easy for users of iPhoto to upload digital photos to Sony's online service. Simply select the photos or albums you want to upload, customize with captions and click upload. Our plug-in does all the work for you! With just a few clicks you'll be sharing you… 

Sony Ericsson W810 Plugin for iSync 1.0 by Feisar

Sony Ericsson W810 Plugin for iSync adds syncing support for the new Sony Ericsson W810 mobile phone which is currently not supported by iSync 2.2.

iSync 2.2
Sony Ericsson W810 mobile phone.… 

SE Car-100 Control 0.2.1 by Robbie Duncan

Car-100 Control is a small application that lets you drive a Sony-Ericsson Car-100 BlueTooth car from the comfort of your Mac.

It is based on code released by Sony-Ericsson to let P900 users drive the car from their phones.
The code is currently of good beta quality. The car can be successfully… 

Xdesk Remote 1.0 by Michael Fonfara

Xdesk Remote allows you to control certain things on your Mac using your Sony Ericsson bluetooth phone.

It can:

Q: Quit open App
W: Close Window
Z: Undo last step
A: Select all
S: Save Documents
O: Open Documents
X: Cut
C: Copy
V: Paste
tab: Switch betwee… 

myThemeCreator 2.08 by Lasyk Networks

The first platform independent theme editor for Sony Ericsson phones.

Here are some key features of "myThemeCreator":
Supports Sony Ericsson Themes version(s) 4.0, 4.1, and 4.5
Supports Sony Ericsson Themes version(s) 3.0, 3.1, and 3.2
Supports Sony Ericsson Themes version(s) 2.0
Runs on… 

Martins SEC Scripts 1.0.1 by Martin Fenner

Martins SEC Scripts is a small collection of scripts for Sony Ericsson Clicker. Most scripts control RealOne Player, including volume control and selection of a radio station.

Basically Martins SEC Scripts enables you to control RealOne Player with Sony Ericsson Clicker.

One script adds a "Sto… 

Veta Universal UIQ Edition pr1 by Kulesh Software

Veta Universal UIQ Edition is a Symbian 7.0 (UIQ) cousin of Veta Universal for Sony Ericsson P800 phones.

Veta Universal UIQ Edition is a Bluetooth remote controller for you Macintosh computer. Now you can remotely operate all of your favorite Mac applications - including iTunes, Keynote, DVD Pla… 

Flip4Mac MXF Import Component 1.0.2 by Telestream-Flip4Mac

MXF Component highlights: The Flip4Mac MXF Import Component provides direct ingest of MXF content from the Sony XDCAM Camcorder, PDW-1500 Compact Deck and eVTR IMX MPEG video tape recorder into the Apple Final Cut Pro 5 editing application.
The Flip4Mac MXF Import Component supports either DV or… 



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